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Hi every one , I am Giggles from the killaklowns paintball team. As you will see this is the creation of our site, team and life.For many paintball is a fun activity to do sometimes for others paintball is life, that's pretty much where we fall. Well to all that are visiting the site enjoy and don't forget to sign our guestbook.

What to expect and know.

Many people thought of playing paintball, but many fail to realize the different levels of competition that are involved. For example : Bringing a Walmart pump gun to a field where everyone has timmies and super upgraded autocockers. The only way in hell your going to get anybody is if everyone forgot to put even one paintball in all of their hoppers(what are the chances of that happening?).

The team hopes you enjoy your visit in our site

Recently our team has been going through many changes not only in a professional way but in a private life manner. Many team players have had many sorts of situations that vary in many different ways but hey life goes on and as we say."WE'RE STILL BUSTING BALLS BABY".

Our way of keeping you updated.

Visitors , to receive many updates on our webpage try signing up to our free group page  by clicking on the link below then put your email address in the msn  group box in the middle of the page.

killaklown group and official home page

Find some of the hidden features in our site.

Throughout our site there are links on how to make money and some hidden links through some of the pages ,just to make it a little fun while you explore have fun.

Dawning to a game
Readiness might just be the winning key.
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